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Steel Buildings:


ConXtech® has a proven record of designing and delivering high quality steel frame structures that meet or exceed building code in the world’s most challenging seismic geographies. With structures spanning up to 65 feet (wide) between vertical columns, their simple and efficient bi-axial moment frame/space frame system does not require cross bracing or shear walls - ensuring that rides and attractions designed by Denny Magic Studios are not cluttered with obtrusive structural elements. ConX® “lower and locking” connectors - as well as materials utilized provide protection against natural or man made hazards and are inherently blast resistant. Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, and computer numerically controlled (CNC) manufacturing technologies such as robotics, enable the company to design and deliver structures with unprecedented speed, precision, and quality.

Note: Rides and attractions designed by Denny Magic Studios require relatively wide open spans and heights up to 30 feet tall…however, ConXtech has expertise in two to fifteen story structures and can also be tapped to deliver your multi-level administrative facilities, residential, hotel, parking and retail structures in record time. You can read about ConXtech at their web site.

Watch a video to see why we recommend Con-X-Tech !
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http://www.conxtech.com/introduction to conxtech/intro_video_player.html

Kelley Luttrell
Phone: 650 / 400 - 1236

24493 Clawiter Road
Hayward, California     USA

PHONE: (510) 264-9111     ext. 115
FAX:      (510) 264-1181

Animatronic Characters:


LifeFormations is a great company made up of highly creative sculptors and craftsmen who will integrate their skills very efficiently with any of our original designs that require animatronic figures.
It's a lot easier for us to recommend that you visit their web site to see examples of the fine craftsmanship they deliver, then it is for us to describe their quality workmanship. Once you see their products for yourself... you'll soon realize why we recommend LifeFormations.

Our contact at the company is
Rodney Heiligmann, Ph.D. (or... Mr. Optimistic) who will walk you thru the development process all the way from our original design concepts to the final animatronic figures. Rodney's appeal is quickly understood... when you read his "10 Laws of Animatronics". Rodney really knows and understands the business and especially our company's approach towards ride and attraction design. And hey... It also helps that he worked as a skipper on Disney's - 'Jungle Cruise'.

Rodney Heiligmann - President             Jeff Krouse - Design Consultant
Phone: 419 / 352 - 2101
FAX:     419/ 352 - 1402

2029 Woodbridge Blvd.
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

Architectural - Laser Surveys:


Getting the data you really want and need from a survey can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride, but 3-D laser scanning is revolution
izing the surveying industry. If you can see it, McKim & Creed can scan it.

In just a matter of minutes, 3-D laser scanning measures everything within its field of view to within a couple of millimeters. By acquiring multiple scans, data for nearly 100% of any structure - no matter how complex - can be captured and measured. The raw output is a 3-D point cloud from which CAD models, or just points can be extracted.  And... it can be scanned without disrupting amusement park patrons or worrying about safety issues while reaching high hard-to-access structures. This means that you can work with Denny Magic Studios on a new design while minimizing any disruption to you current customers. The laser scanner gathers data while the surveyors remain safely on the ground, and provides you with more accurate data - more quickly than conventional surveying.  And with our new MoDaC
tm - Mobile Data Collection system. McKim & Creed can survey your entire facility in just a few days.

Ed Oliveras
Phone: 863 / 420 - 9617

McKim & Creed
Engineers - Surveyors - Planners
6205 Lake Wilson Road - Suite C
Davenport, Florida  33896

Voice Talent / Narrator / Actor:


TERRY McGOVERN is one of the Bay Area's most versatile actors, having worked in all media, from movies to radio and television. Terry has provided voices for numerous video games, Sega’s NFL, The
, and as Admiral Chester Nimitz, in the upcoming Battle Station Midway.

He started his movie career working with George Lucas, providing voices for Lucas’ first film, THX1138 and later for Star Wars.  In between, he played the young high school teacher in American Graffiti.   He appeared as the nasty man who fires Robin Williams in the opening scene of Mrs. Doubtfire and as the needle-toting doctor in Nine Months.

During a successful twelve years in Los Angeles, his television appearances included guest star roles on "Cagney and Lacey," "St. Elsewhere," "The Hogans," "My Sister Sam," "Happy Days," "Newhart" and "Fernwood 2-Nite," to name only a few. He was a season regular on the CBS series "Charlie and Company," starring Flip Wilson and Gladys Knight.  In addition, he became a star animation voice, creating the voice of Launchpad McQuack for Walt Disney's "Ducktales" and “Darkwing Duck.”  His stage roles range from Shakespeare to musical comedy; from Tennessee Williams to Neil Simon.

Terry McGovern teaches commercial and character voice, as well as, scene acting at his Marin Actors’ Workshop and is a professor of communications at the University of San Francisco and at the College Of Marin.

Click audio links to hear Terry's character voice samplers... 

      Animation Characters                  Voices for Commercials

Terry McGovern
1425 Butterfield Road
San Anselmo, California 94960

Phone:  415 / 453 -8858            FAX:  415 / 453 - 2144


Photographer (Celebrity Photos):


Henry has shot numerous album covers for many rock and roll acts such as "Crosby, Stills, and Nash", "The Doors", and tons of celebrities such as Paul and Linda McCartney. Henry is extremely approachable and easy going... and is one of the world's best celebrity photographers in our humble opinion.

Henry Diltz
Morrison Hotel Gallery - La Jolla
1230 Prospect Street
La Jolla, California 92037
1 + 858 / 551 - 0835

Publicity Photos:


We have used ABC Photos on a number of occasions and they always produce great looking professional publicity photographs in large quantities. The turn around service is remarkable and we have always been pleased with the final product.

ABC Pictures
1867 East Florida Street
Springfield, MO 65803
1 + 417 / 869 - 3456