Hot Dogs & Hamburgers in the same package?  Why YES...
Now this is something VERY unique. We've created a new way to serve ground sirloin steak in a sausage casing, that allows the vendor to visibly match the way they serve their Hot Dogs!  Both are served inside a toasted Hot Dog bun.

Only the best USDA meats... Served with an extensive choice
of condiments that will allow your customers to create a
custom made Sandwich exactly the way they want it !

We hook you up with a national sausage maker who will supply your operation with the best tasting
Wieners and (pre-made) Tube Steaks this side of the Mississippi.  In fact... the ONLY Tube-Steak®
available in the world.


Our New "Tube-Steak®" sandwich is as easy to prepare [and serve] as our Wieners.
Michael McDuffy's Wieners and Tube Steaks
® can be served from individual food trailers (see sample photo below) strategically placed throughout your park, so you can add this unique presentation to your food court, or... as a stand-alone restaurant where 'inside seating' can help you create a 'themed destination'. We offer a low cost franchise, and very reasonable capital investment... uncomplicated preparation, and... as a bonus - lucrative merchandise opportunities by introducing the Michael McDuffy character to your customers.

Standard Hot Dog equipment prepares both McDuffy's Wieners, as well as his unique Tube-Steak® in the same exact way. Then your staff adds the requested condiments, as defined by each customer, and your customers walkaway with a very unique sandwich. Add a bag of chips and a soft drink, and you have a quick and satisfying food source for any hungry visitors who frequent your facilities.

Easy Clean Up too!

Because both meat products are sealed at the factory in sausage casings, messy preparation is minimal - which translates into an easy to clean kitchen and prep area.  Standard Hot Dog 'Rolling Cookers' are used to slow-heat the meats, while timer driven Ovens toast the pre-formed buns yo ensure that they come out hot with crispy edges. Our specially made buns are designed to hold a mountain of condiments, or a pile of hot chile and cheese without leaking. There is no sizzling grease, no pots & pans to clean, and sandwiches are served in paper wrappings with paper napkins.  It's a clean operation from A to Z.

A unique product with worldwide appeal... Right?
The world loves a great Hot Dog, and no one will tell you that they that they don't love steak.  Offering both products together used to require an open grill... Now you can offer both food items from the same window, and no dangerous hot grills to deal with.

If Michael McDuffy's Wieners and Tube Steak® make sense to you... give us a call.
Contact our office to discuss your particular location's needs, and with your input we can help you customize a unit to fit in with your future plans. Add Wieners & Tube Steak® to your food services along with a merchandising opportunity by enhancing your presentation with "Michael McDuffy" character merchandise.

We'll supply you with a clever Michael McDuffy history and backstory that your customers will love reading on the back side of your menu, and strategically placed sign age !

Shown as :  In - Park  food  service  trailer.