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This ride is NOT for impressionable children.  Riders must meet an age,
health, and height requirement. Vampire's Castle depicts scenes of bloody
horror, which some guests may find disturbing. This high-speed, boat / coaster
ride includes heart stopping drops in near darkness. Clues placed throughout this
ride suggest that guests may be subjected to danger from real vampires.


Staging Area 1 - Outside wait line, under canvas canopy (weather protection).
Staging Area 2 - Courtyard A, climate controlled interior, simulates outside.
Staging Area 3 - Inside wait line between Courtyard A & The Great Room.
Staging Area 4 - The Great Room - initial vehicle loading area.
Staging Area 5 - Vampire's Castle dock, meet Dracole. Begin ride.
Staging Area 6 - The actual ride
Staging Area 7 - Exit ride through Courtyard B, then on to "Ghoulish Pleasures" satellite store.

    03 - 15 minutes in wait line (Staging Area 1).
    05 - 15 minutes in Courtyard A.
    03 - 10 minutes in Serpentine wait line & vehicle loading.
    03 - 03 minute journey to cross lagoon to Castle Dock.
    01 - 01 minutes, Meet Dracole at Castle's dock, start ride.
    15 - 20 minute Ride Time.
    05 - 30 minutes to exit ride through Courtyard B, and retail store.

You may review details about this psychological thriller by downloading the .PDF file (below) this Descriptor Document includes a comprehensive overview of the entire ride. This ride was designed with longevity in mind, and as a result of each "rider's intense visceral experience" we fully expect this ride to self-promote; and become one of your most popular attractions.


1 of 3 - Courtyard A & Courtyard B
2 of 3 - The Great Room
3 of 3 - The Castle



    Background Music: "Reign of Shadows"
         Composer: Albert Alvarez