Thomas Elliot, Ltd. - OUTFITTERS is your satellite store directly adjacent to "AZTECA - Quest for the City of Gold".

This retail outlet will sell expedition and safari related clothing items like Cargo Shorts, Pith Helmets, Military Style Belts, Canteens and even some specialty Jungle Boots, along with Custom Hiking staffs. The majority of items will be for kids.

The store will be stocked with an ample supply of rubber snakes and spiders... and other assorted creatures from the jungles of the world, as well as camp cups and utensils with images of our original characters imprinted, and a small two man pup tent, plus backpacks and kid sized sleeping bags.

Clothing items will sport several characters from the AZTECA - Quest for the City of Gold, ride.

T-Shirts and Baseball Caps will sport the AZTECA logo.

This will also be the place where your guests can purchase replacement shoestrings, belts, and inexpensive straw hats, sun glasses and even sun screen for those hotter than normal days.

We also have ideas for in-store photo opportunities, and electronic arcade style games that relate directly to the ride, and/or... the AZTEC civilization.