A simulated air boat ride designed for the whole family. May be a bit intensive for very young impressionable children. Alligators, snakes, dangerous whirlpools and quicksand pits show up throughout the journey, along with some fairly substantial quantities of nasty looking swamp bugs. The journey also includes a visit past an old dilapidated plantation, that is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of the pirate Jean Laffite and his crew.


NOTE: This ride and the proprietary character named "Jody" are intrinsically linked to our original story "The Golden Horn". That is why we offer this ride as a stand alone attraction... OR... in conjunction with the sale of our "Quick Start Package" entitled "New Orleans Boulevard".


Riders follow an adventurous path as each boat's navigator spins the ghostly tales of the Louisiana swamp. For the most part; this ride is a tame journey, with just a few suggestions of danger. This is an inside / outside ride. Guests exit the ride through "Bayou Bargains", this ride's satellite store, themed to fit with the ride, and situated right next door. This retail connection provides additional revenue opportunities for your facilities.

- Outside serpentine wait line, under " Jody's Swamp Tour's" roof  (weather protected).
- Vehicle loading at dock marks start of ride.
- Ride exits through "Bayou Bargains" satellite store.

    05  - 10 minutes in wait line.
    15  - 15 minute Ride Time .
    05  - 15 minutes inside "Bayou Bargains" satellite store.

    25 - 40 minutes to process each guest - per cycle.


CLICK HERE - To Download, Jody's Swamp Tour - Floor Plan