This Surfing Theme Beach Ride surrounds you with the music, the sun & surf, plus memorable surf characters that represent California's beach scene. A way of life which began in the 50's and is still going strong today. Our story follows two teenaged surf brats as they pursue an adventure which manifests itself through their dreams. The story is narrated by a comical version of 'The Sandman', a unique character that will keep your guests in stitches. However, what really makes this ride unique is the innovative use of world-class, sand-sculptures that are used to advance the story.

About a dozen select artists from around the globe will each be commissioned to create between 4 and 6 magnificent sand sculptures. These individual pieces of art will tell our story. In this boat ride the work from these contributing sculptors will be preserved for all to see, and enhanced with original characters, that will include a healthy dose of 50's & 60's surf music. It'll be an upbeat way to view world class sand sculptures up close and personal.

Guests will not only see magnificent artwork, but they'll also be entertained by some animatronic beach bums who are real goofy characters. The ride will be narrated by "The Sandman" a fictional character created specifically for this ride. This adventure also includes an impromptu visit to a Beach Party and then they return to the "Surf Shack" where wacky surf bums party non-stop.

01 - Serpentine wait line where guests are entertained by goofy surfers.
02 - Enter "The Surf Shack" to board the ride in 4 - 12 person boats.
03 - Then it's off to meet our two leading characters.
04 - The teenagers share their dreams of becoming world famous surfers.
05 - But once they're asleep, we're allowed to follow their fantasies by "The Sandman".
06 - The Sandman makes it possible for us to witness the teenager's dream.
07 - However, the real story-tellers are the exquisite sand sculptures which are used to advance the plot.
08 - All along the way riders are treated to world-class artwork created by these renown artists.
09 - The plot thickens through the use of this innovative method of storytelling.
10 - As guests take in the artwork, they're also treated to uptempo music, and comical narration.
11 - Then its a Beach Party with a great big bonfire.
12 - The ride terminates as guests are finally returned to the jumpin' Surf Shack.

1  -  5 minutes outside animatronics show entertains guests in line.
1  -  8 minutes in Surf Museum, includes ride vehicle, loading time.
1  -  1 minute inside the Surf Shack meeting a bunch of goofy surfers.
1  -  1 minutes meeting the main two teenaged characters.
1  -  1 minutes meeting "The Sandman"..
7  -  7 minutes as guest enjoy the numerous sand-sculptures, and associated show.
2  -  2 minute as guests join the Big Beach Party, and then return to the Surf Shack.
1  -  1 minute unloading the ride vehicle.3

15 - 26 minutes to cycle each guest .

This project is in development...
This project is in development...
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"Where'd All The Fun Go"
"Summer's Dream"

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