This "Quick Start Package" is offered as "PARIS VALLEY" and makes use of the story, the characters, and the music score from our original story...  "The Hero of Paris Valley."

On the CD cover above you'll see our leading characters Phillip and Magdelena (the hero and heroine of our story) and Phillip's sidekick Gravitt's (the not so smart comical possum, and his girlfriend... Lulu). Then we call your attention to Garrett the Parrot who; from our research with the general public, should easily become your park's Mickey Mouse with regards to advertising identity, and merchandising. Our story's villain Willard Mc Cobb and one of his henchmen "Phincher" are not included in this picture but McCobb's other minion "Bumbles is right behind "Garrett the Parot", next to "Johnathan Gracey". The on the otherside from Mr. Gracey is "Offercer Kruspy".

We recommended that you download the storybook to have an opportunity to see how well our original story flows, and how interest is generated in the characters by creating compelling scenarios and problems that the characters must solve for themselves.

We consider this story "edu-tainment" because it provides an easy to understand look at the role that local city government plays in small town America, without boring everyone to tears. As a result, even children will come away with a cursory understanding of small town politics. Something most parents seem to appreciate about our story.

We already have a few ride ideas that support the "Paris Valley" - "Quick Start Package" and you'll see the artwork for these rides pictured near the bottom of this page, along with some proposed "signage"... which will play a big role in calling attention to the train station and the scaled down steam locomotive that we recommend you consider adding to your park. Signage will also be themed to match all the other cute 'Middle-America', Victorian style buildings that we have designed to create your version of Main Street.

As you can see by our "group shot" above... We've got a host of funny and entertaining characters that we'll introduce to your guests, coupled with two distinctive sub-plots that run through our story to keep things interesting. Welcome to "Paris Valley."




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The Storybook will soon be available (for sale) on Amazon.Com..

OR... You can send a written request on your company letterhead for a complimentary copy, that we will email to you.


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The Hero of Paris Valley
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Planning to have your own Steam Locomotive?


A scaled down version of a steam locomotive is recommended... along with a centralized train station (located inside the cityscape of Paris Valley) and we can recommend a "steam locomotive expert". Our guy is a steam engine aficionado who can assist you in locating one of these trains for your park. Not only will this train provide you with park-wide transportation for many of your guests, it will also add to the ambiance within your "Paris Valley" entrance. Architectural details, and forced perspective added to victorian themed buildings, and custom made signage will complete the finishing touch.

rain acquisition and setup is not included in the PARIS VALLEY - "Quick Start Package", and must be negotiated as a separate option by the client.


Themed Rides, Attractions & Concessions

Do we have themed rides, attractions and concessions that will work well with your park's themed entrance?   As a matter of fact, we do!

In the case of our PARIS VALLEY - "Quick Start Package" we already have several ideas for themed products that we can offer each client, which can be strategically located within the confines of the "Paris Valley" entrance, that will compliment the surroundings, while implementing character identity, and encouraging a variety of merchandise sales. Here's just a couple of rides that we have on the drawing board.



NOTE: Rides, Attractions and Concessions, designed specifically for the PARIS VALLEY section of your park, are sold separately... and are not included with the PARIS VALLEY - "Quick Start Package".