This "Quick Start Package" is offered as "New Orleans Boulevard" and makes use of our original story, characters, and music score from...  "The Golden Horn".

Above you can see our two leading characters Henry (the star of our story) and his childhood friend Jody. We recommend that you review the original story to have an opportunity to see how well this story flows and how interest is generated in the characters by creating compelling scenarios and convoluted problems that the characters have to solve.

Within the storybook you'll see an illustration that shows "Bumpy" and "Grunge" the two antagonists of our story, who turn out to be just a couple of dumb crooks who only need an example to turn their life of crime around for the better. Bumpy & Grunge may initially spook very young children at first but all will be forgiven when everything is resolved by the end of our story. The key buddy-character in our story is a snake (also pictured in our storybook) who Jody happens to save from doom. Out of sheer gratitude, Ro'pee (pronounced Ro'pay) feels the need to become Jody's sidekick and he becomes the source of comic relief for our story.

Ro'pee (we predict) will become your Mickey Mouse, when it comes to popularizing all your "New Orleans Boulevard" merchandise opportunities. "New Orleans Boulevard" provides you with a complete themed entrance for your park...

One that will create loyal interest from guests who are exposed to the New Orleans ambiance as a themed feature. It'll be just like visiting New Orleans' "French Quarter" only a much more safe and sane environment for families who visit with impressionable children.

The absence of alcohol, drunks, and scantily clad ladies will certainly do much to sell the wholesome aspects of our tame version of the New Orleans' French Quarter.

New Orleans is a captivating setting for our story "The Golden Horn"... and the city along with it's colorful history becomes part of our cast, as we use it to help spin this mysterious tale based upon Henry, an aspiring musician... and, the magical trumpet that started it all.

Henry soon learns from 'Old Man Guthie', about a mythical horn made from solid gold. A trumpet that is rumored to elevate the skills of the player to exceptional heights.  Adventure abounds as we make our way from the realm of the Alligator King (hidden deep inside the foreboding Louisiana swamp) to the jumping boogie-woogie nights of The French Quarter. Follow Henry and Jody as they struggle with the two alligator villains (Bumpy and Grunge) for ownership of this magical instrument.

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Character Artwork by Marianno "Mackey" Pamintuan -