This "Quick Start Package" is offered as "China Town" and makes use of the story, the characters, and the music score from our original story...  "Mai Lee and Ling Ling.

Our goal is to help you create loyal interest from guests who are exposed to the "China Town" characters, from the "Mai Lee and Ling Ling" original storybook, the music, and the ambiance this cityscape provides, as a themed feature of your park. Here we will design specialized architecture, that will inject a sense of the hectic Honk Kong style atmosphere, and colorful ambiance, of 1930's China.

Our version of "ChinaTown" is a captivating setting that comes right out of our "Mai Lee and Ling Ling" story. When you add associated theme park rides, attractions, and themed concessions... then combine them with this theatrical setting, professional lighting, and vivid colors, "ChinaTown" will become an important part of your park, as we use it to help spin this exotic far eastern tale of Mai Lee, an aspiring conservationist... and, Ling Ling, her little panda bear buddy.

This tale is a touching story that children and adults should warm up to, with it's conservationist over-tones, and humanitarian gestures toward the preservation of animals. We hope you fall in love with little Ling Ling too, as he captivates your audience.




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