"Frustration knows no limits, when it's properly engineered"

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* MENSA is a formal organization created to perpetuate human intelligence.

"Professor Macadamia's Maniacal Maze" - Ver. 3.0

Multiple Floor-Plans for this attraction are...  Coming Soon !

"PUZZLE MANIA" - Satellite Store





Outside "Pre-Show" Labrynth
Provides an alternate entrance to the second
floor museum, for adventurous guests.


"Time To Move"

"Waltz of Contemplation"

"Round and Round"
"Odd Socks"
"The Illusion"
"Don't Follow The Hare"

Concept Art at top of page by Charlie Basso - Portland, Oregon.
3D character art "Lost Woman" by Kevin Johnson - Paso Robles, California.
Background music for this web page; "Never Look Back" by composer Albert Alvarez - Spain.