A simulated Barrel Ride that drops you right over the edge of Niagara Falls. May be a bit intensive for very young impressionable children, the elderly, people with vertigo and people who suffer from a fear of confined spaces. Height and health requirements will be strictly supervised.

Guests are safely loaded up in their own eight foot wide by twelve foot long, padded-wooden barrel [about the size of the family car] once the hatch is secured, they're launched into the raging river. After an exciting (virtual reality) ride that takes them down a set of virtual class 5 rapids, they sense the acceleration, and hear the growing roar until their barrel is hurdled right over the edge of Niagara Falls.

Although this is essentially a water ride, guests remain dry at all times. Barrels are outfitted with air conditioning, special effects, and windows where they can observe the passing shoreline, and the mist of the falls, just prior to going over the edge at one of the most famous waterfalls in the world.


NOTE: This ride is as close as anyone can come to the death defying stunts that have been performed in barrels, which have traveled over Niagara Falls by daredevils since the 1800's. Now your guests can take the same trip; experienced by those who managed to live. Will
you survive?


- Pre-Show (Museum) INCLUDES... "History of Niagara Fall's"
- Loading Dock marks start of the actual ride.
- Barrel Ride Vehicles are launched into faux river.

- Roar of falls increases, along with simulated travel speed.
- 'Over The Falls" they go, includes a (real) 60-80 foot drop.
- Ride exits through ETR (aka; satellite store).

    10 - 20 minutes in Museum (Pre-Show).
    10 - 15 minutes at Loading Dock.
    10 - 10 minutes - Ride Time.
    05 - 15 minutes inside satellite store.

    35 - 60 minutes to process each guest - per ride.

    4 -8 guests per barrel, 5 barrels in Queue. Queue empties one barrel every 20 seconds... Once ride is up to maximum capacity... We project upwards of as many as 10 - 20 guests exit this ride every couple of minutes.

    This entire ride takes up a very small footprint on your property, and considering the anticipated draw that we predict it will generate... This ride should become one of your guests' favorites. Design fees, and final construction costs are expected to be very reasonable.


Background music by Tom Rae