This attraction begins with a beautifully decorated museum of brightly colored, and mystical magic props and apparatus, plus a small museum gift shop. Guests who elect to watch the stage show, are treated first to a brief video presentation featuring celebrity magicians describing three of magic's most outstanding performers from the past that will include * Harry Houdini.

"Masters of Magic" culminates with a 20 minute stage show hosted by two zany young brothers who go by the name of "The Brothers Houdini". The stage show features the three great magicians described in the video presentation (animatronics versions of themselves) who perform their great illusions on stage for your live audience.

NOTE: We have already secured written permission from the estate of Harry Houdini that allows us to include his
likeness and animatronic character, in the 'stage show' segment of this attraction.

The museum of magic highlights Magic's Great Performers (Houdini, Blackstone, etc.) using full-color wall-size advertising billboards that depict magicians of the 19th & 20th century. Strategically placed around the room, are antique display cases, which contain accurate reproductions of famous magic apparatus (tricks, boxes, handcuffs, props, etc.). Suspended above are full-sized reproductions of some famous stage illusions. The museum is a feast for the eyes, and guests can enter or exit freely without committing to attend the video presentation, or stage show.

At one end of the museum is the gift shop where Masters of Magic souvenirs will be offered for sale. As a way of supporting the "branding" process, other items will be available at this location that support The Brothers Houdini.

Although souvenirs sold in the magic museum gift shop may be based on a magical theme, legitimate magic tricks will only be sold at the magic shop next door to the "Masters of Magic" attraction.

Located in a small theatre with a wall sized video monitor, guests will see a pre-recorded, sit-down presentation that will introduce some of history's most famous illusionists. This video is a precursor to a stage show held in the main theatre.

The main theatre show is hosted by the Brothers Houdini (two animatronics characters). The two brothers narrate the show which includes performances from animatronics figures representing the three magicians described in the video presentation. These figures will perform their most noteworthy stage illusions.

The show will be packaged with a dynamic music score.
  When the show concludes the curtains close, and the Brothers Houdini will wrap-up the performance, the lights come up, and the audience will be directed to the exits.

The exit doors for The "Masters of Magic" performance lead guests into a common hallway that leads directly to "Dante's Magic Shop", where contemporary magic tricks will be demonstrated and offered for sale by cast members (your staff).

Indoor show, 100% climate control environment.
1st staging area is (full access) museum of magic - apparatus, tricks, and posters.
2nd staging area provides short 8 - 10 minute DVD on history of magic.
Inside theatre provides 15-20 minute Animatronics magic show.
Crowd exits through "Dante's Magic Shop" where tricks are demonstrated/sold.

* 10 - 15 minutes in Museum.
* 08 - 10 minutes in Small Video Theatre
* 20 - 20 minutes in Large Main Theatre
* 05 - 15 minutes in Magic Shop


  43 - 60 minute maximum for this attraction.

This attraction is designed to process 100+ guests per hour...
(Calculations based upon 3 main theatre shows completed per hour)


Currently  Under  Development
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Wheelchair Access