This ride is designed for the whole family, as it educates and entertains guests with
comical characters and lively music. Steam engine Mark Train narrates as guests travel
through California's Gold Country.

Mark Train's amusing anecdotes are spiced-up with a few kid-sized thrills to keep things interesting. To review this ride in detail, download the
Descriptor Document and the
Floor Plan. Then stream the Music !

Staging Area 1 - Outside wait line, under cover of the Train Station.
Staging Area 2 - Inside loading dock, as guests board the train.
Staging Area 3 - Ascent up 'Old Baldy Mountain', and travel down to valley floor.
Staging Area 4 - Experience the 'flash flood' and cross the shaky bridge.
Staging Area 5 - Meet the forest animals as you near the miner's cabin.
Staging Area 6 - Riders enter the flume tunnel, and head for the exit.
Staging Area 7 - Unloading dock. Riders exit through, Mark Train's Railroad Mercantile.

03 - 10  Minutes - Staging Area 1
04 - 07  Minutes - Staging Area 2
10 - 15  Minutes - Estimated total length of ride up to unloading dock.
03 - 18  Minutes - Time spent in Mark Train's Railroad Mercantile.

20 - 50 minutes to process each guest .
Times may vary depending on popularity of ride.



Wheelchair Access