The "Mardi Gras Theatre" show is divided into 2 distinctive areas to provide as much as 60 minutes entertainment.  It involves live-music, some of which can be imported directly from New Orleans.

The first staging area is a museum, which highlights Mardi Gras Costumes, Masks, and History by displaying actual Mardi Gras paraphernalia along with wall-size posters and billboards that depict the famous "Fat Tuesday" event.
Suspended above are large, multi-colored, Mardi Gras' floats.

The second staging area is a theatre with a show designed to accommodate various 'LIVE', 20 minute music acts, your acts can be rotated to keep things interesting and fresh. This attraction is packaged with a pre-recorded narrator presented against a pre-recorded music score (an automated introduction) that shares the stage with the "live" performers to keep things moving. Narration Tracks are
indexed by number; onto a pre-recorded CD, which allows for potential changes in each show's line-up of live acts. Each track (background music & narration) can be individually selected by a staff member according to the order of acts available at that particular moment. When the show concludes the curtains close, the lights come up, and the offstage announcer (the pre-recorded narrator) will direct the audience to the exits.

All exits will empty into a common hallway that leads to the "Mardi Gras World" retail outlet, where New Orleans style Mardi Gras posters, gifts, and clothing will be offered for sale.  Mardi Gras World will specialize in all things related to
a New Orleans style Mardi Gras celebration. Guests who do not attend the Mardi Gras Theatre Performances can enter the satellite store directly from the park as well.

- Indoor show, 100% climate control environment.
- 1st staging area is museum of Mardi Gras & New Orleans history.
- Museum also runs a short 10 minute "looped" video on history of Mardi Gras.
- Inside theatre provides 30 minute live Dixieland Jazz & Blues show (2 acts).
- Crowd exits through "Mardi Gras World" satellite store.

* 15 - 20 minutes in Museum.
* 30 - 30 minutes in theatre
* 05 - 10 minutes in "Mardi Gras World - Store"
   50 - 60 minutes maximum for this attraction.