"Miss Marceline Day's Ice Cream Parlor" is a unique "Themed Eatery" that serves Home-Style Meatloaf Sandwiches, All American Hot Dogs & Hamburgers; plus French Fries and a selection of Sodas & Root Beer Floats, a specialty of the house. As the name implies, this sit down restaurant features Ice Cream Treats such as hand-packed Waffle Cones, delicious Hot Fudge Sundaes, and decadent Banana Splits. All Ice Cream Treats are available To-Go from an inside counter.

This themed eatery will be generously salted with
Hollywood props to suggest a 1920's movie backlot.


The namesake of this themed eatery is Marceline Day who was a successful motion picture starlet in the twenties. Miss Day was
born Marceline Newlin in Colorado Springs, Colorado on April 24th, 1908.

She was the younger sister of silent screen actress Alice Day and began her own acting career playing "Country Girls" in Mack Sennett films.

She eventually surpassed her sister's success in the film business... However, her motion picture career was not to last. Despite the fact that Marceline demonstrated her acting abilities by appearing in serious dramas like The Beloved Rogue" (1927) with John Barrymore, as well as comedies, she seemed to struggle to reach the top of her career.

She was working with M-G-M and starred in dramas with big names of that era such as Ramon Novarro and Lon Chaney. She also worked opposite George Arthur and Karl Dane who were a popular comedy team at that time.

Her most memorable role was Sally Richards which she played in the film "The Cameraman" (1928) opposite Buster Keaton. A year later she made her audio debut in the 1929 "talkie" entitled "The Jazz Age", and that same year appeared alongside her famous sister Alice in "The Show of Shows".

By 1930, after leaving M-G-M, she found herself bouncing around between a number of smaller studios who increasingly cast her in small supporting roles. In 1934 she retired having lost all interest in making movies.

Although Marceline Day was married twice, she never had any children... And, on February 16th 2000 she passed away. Respectfully, we hope to help perpetuate her memory by making her the namesake of this themed eatery.