Indoor Restaurant, with high-energy show atmosphere, treats for the kids provided by the zany owner... designed for the whole family. This eatery features an emphasis on early Asian atmosphere, circa 1930's with very electric colors, faux Asian carvings, golden dragons, and colorful lanterns.

We propose that this would be a wonderful opportunity to promote this concession to corporate sponsors like Panda Express® who could be a likely corporation to approach for a partnering agreement for this particular concession.

However, an arrangement like this would certainly require the developer to sit down and negotiate a agreement directly with a sponsor... A partnering arrangement that might include your partial participation in this food concession, or... an agreement that would permit the sponsor to run it independently, during park hours.

Whatever arrangement the developer and the sponsor arrive at, the costs to develop this concession could be significantly defrayed. Contact us about "sponsorships" and we'll be pleased to let you in on Walt Disney's greatest secret.


Each group of guests are welcomed by the odd and rather
eccentric host of "The Lame Duck". . .  Mr. Wang Chung.

Wang is dressed in traditional Chinese attire. Clothing that
you might expect to see at some formal get together, and
he is as fun to be around as he is funny to look at. Wang
makes the rounds in the restaurant, greeting new guests
and occasionally assisting them in finding a table to sit at.

Traditional Chinese music fills the air at "The Lame
Duck", but every once in awhile a special song is
played that sends the entire crew (hosts,
hostesses, greeters, waiters, and even
the kitchen staff) into a dancing frenzy.
Once that special song concludes, every-
thing seems to return to normal, with all
staff members returning to their normal

This occasional show is all part of the presentation,
designed to enthrall your guests, and envelop your
guests into the fun loving spirit of this eatery.

One corner of the restaurant is set aside for a small gift
shop where "Lame Duck" merchandise can be purchased.

There are a number of pre-existing items with Chinese influence that
can also be sold here, as well as unique merchandise that sports the
images of Wang Chung, and his zany staff members.

This is also a place where special Coffee table books about China,
and even Chinese cook books can be marketed. The ideas are
limited only by your imagination.

"The Lame Duck" - a photo opportunity,
and a great place to eat as well.

Concept Art at top of page by Denny Magic.
Design Concept for The Lame Duck Restaurant provided by Nancy Alford
Web page background music - traditional Chinese folk song entitled "Early Spring Snow"
circa 1930's