What's an IDA-Hobo?
Now this is something VERY unique. We've created four different flavors that include tender cubes of braised tri-tip, ground sirloin, sizzling pork, and a braised chicken recipe. We've added onions, sweet peas, carrots, mushrooms and a treasure trove of spices... then we mix everything together with real home style mashed potatoes that are so buttery, it's a sin.

Only the best ingredients... just like Mom's homemade cookin'

Once we have a thick and savory stew... we ship our special recipes to your location in flash-frozen, round containers that we call "Mix-Pods". You pump our tasty mixes into a hollowed out sourdough baguette using our unique stainless steel "Hot-Pots", and viola' an "Ida-Hobo". A tasty, hot lunch or dinner that customers can eat with one hand, and with very little chance of making a mess. A fast and truly convenient meal, that's worth every penny!

Are you hungry yet?
It's our own proprietary recipe, coupled with this unique way to deliver a meal. The "Earl of Sandwich" must be flipping over in his grave about now? Nothing so unique has arrived on the fast-food scene since vendors began serving clam chowder, in a hollowed out sourdough bread bowl.

That was a great idea, but it's still just a bowl of soup.
An Ida-Hobo is like having a complete meal that you can hold in one hand. Its a crime to refer to this product as Fast-Food because it's too good. The only thing fast about an Ida-Hobo is the speed that you can serve them.

As easy to serve, as they are for customers to eat.
can be served from individual food trailers strategically placed throughout your park, or... add this tasty restaurant item to your food court. Our proprietary mix comes pre-made in four distinctive flavors, and it's flash frozen, and packaged in round-recyclable accordion-style, polyurethane containers, called "Mix-Pods".

Your staff simply cuts a fresh baguette in half, drills out the center with a special auger... and then our Stainless Steel, gravity fed "hot-pots", allow you to pump each bread shell full of our delicious mix. Before you can say "Happy Harry", you're selling a half-pound, hearty & satisfying meal, for under ten bucks. No muss, no fuss. Each 50 lb Mix-Pod yields approximately 100 servings.

Clean up is a snap too!
When each Mix-Pod is empty, they collapse into a nearly flat disk. Your staff pulls the empties from the "Hot-Pot" (which remains mess free) and new containers of mix are dropped in. You're ready to go in a few minutes. All the mixing and cooking is done for you by the factory, you just thaw, heat, and serve!

When you're done, send us your empty (and rinsed) Mix-Pods... and we'll sterilize and recycled them at the processing plant.

By working together, we establish a "green" recycling process that is also an efficient inventory control... whereby the plant sends out new replacement Mix-Pods as your empty Mix-Pods arrive - this recycling process ensures that your inventory is always ready to go. What about "Clean UP" you ask? At the end of each work day, your staff simply flushes each "Hot-Pot" with hot water from a hose attached to your hot water system... so clean up for this food item is quick and VERY easy.

No sizzling grease, no open flames, no greasy pots to deal with!
Hot water circulates through the insulated walls of each Stainless Steel "Hot Pot" from an industrial water heater in a closed-loop-system. The constant cycling of hot water keeps the [pre-cooked] mix hot, for each and every one of your hungry customers. It also helps your employees avoid annoying griddle and grease burns.

Even bread handling is easy.
Our "Baguette Prep Box" is designed as a sanitary system that lets your staff handle each baguette in a efficient and sanitary way in a plexiglass covered box. Loaves are pre-stacked safely away from annoying pests, in a clear plastic feeder that allows servers to visually keep track of bread inventory.

As each new baguette drops in position a staff member cuts the loaves in half, then they press the freshly cut-end against a 10" long, 1" auger that drills a hole when a foot switch is depressed. Bread crumbs that accumulate during operation, fall in a bin below, where they are bagged for easy disposal at the end of the work day.
The prepared bread is carried over to the "Hot-Pot" and the desirable mix is pumped into the open core of the baguette.

You've just created your first Ida-Hobo!  Now roll the sandwich in the pre-printed triangle paper-holder and twist the end closed... Hand it to your customer, and collect the cash! It's that easy.

A unique product with worldwide appeal?  YES!
Current recipes include an American Steak version with chopped Tri-Tip, a ground chuck version with a tomato based (basil and parmesan cheese) mix that will make your Italian Uncle proud, a sizzling pork version with a Mexican salsa twist that will provide "south of the border" ambience, and a braised chicken version with zesty curries that will satisfy those with a penchant for East Indian cuisine.

This set of combined recipes brings the flavor of an entire international food court to your one concession. The divergent aromas from each of the different mixes is pumped outside to entice hungry customers to follow their nose to this wonderful treasure.

The product is unique, and it tastes good. But there's more? Yes!
If you haven't already noticed, our spokesperson is a lovable cartoon character named "Happy Harry". The sandwich wrap, napkins and paper drink cups all sport "Happy Harry's Image" and we can help you put that image to work so you can build brand loyalty for this product. For some extra profits, keep tin souvenir drinking cups and T-Shirts with the "Happy Harry" logo on hand, for Harry's fans to buy! The kids will love this comical, good natured Hobo! Souvenirs are manufactured and provided under the terms of your license.

If the Ida-Hobo marketing plan makes sense... give us a call.
Contact our office to discuss your particular locations needs, and with your input we can help you customize a unit to fit in with your future plans. Put "Happy Harry", and Ida-Hobos to work for you!