This concession can be located as a
stand alone service outlet, or...
located within your themed
"China Town" entrance

At the end of the day guests
who are exiting through this
themed area, can stop by to
have those aching feet
soothed with a wonderful

In California an enterprising company calling themselves "The Art of Reflexology®" is setting up massage outlets in busy shopping malls offering foot, head & neck, and full-body massages to weary shoppers, and... they are doing a wiz-bang business.

It might be considered impractical to offer full-body massages at a theme park, even though this service would certainly go over big at most other leisure time locations such as resorts, casinos, or hotels. However, imagine the interest you could generate, especially in a busy theme park, for foot massages that take place in a cute Asian Themed massage business, which also supports the "China Town - Quick Start Package."

We envision that "The Art of Reflexology" could become
a potential sponsor for this particular service concession by providing experienced massage technicians, as well as knowledgeable management staff that could run this service outlet on your behalf... acting as an important part of your China Town staff.

If the company offered financial assistance by sponsoring building construction, or... if they only elected to provide staffing, "The Art of Reflexology" would not only benefit from seasonal income, but they couldn't miss from the ongoing advertising that would certainly entice new customers to visit their regular locations.

The Art of Reflexology's current locations are setup rather spartan, but we can show you [and them] how to decorate and enhance their theme park locations... so it fits right in with the China Town theme.

" Rain Drops Falling On Bajiao"
Traditional Chinese Folk Song - Public Domain