Take a tour of this Halloween themed ride by downloading a copy of the Descriptor Document , which will walk you through the adventure from start to finish.  Then download the Floor Plan and follow along with the "Action Events" while you listen to The Music.  All of our dark-rides come with their own soundtrack...  Which can be sold in your adjacent store to generate additional revenue.

1 - Outside serpentine wait line where guests are entertained by two goofy mechanics.
2 - Enter Paradoxical Pete's Automobile Repair Shop to board your ride vehicle.
3 - Guests are loaded into little 2 - 3 person cartoon style cars.
4 - Guests travel out of the shop, and thru dark woods until they reach the suburbs.

5 - Halloween is in full swing in this jubilent neighborhood.
6 - Then guests become uneasy as they're detoured through the town cemetery to meet the spirits.
7 - Next its off to Main Street where Halloween is in full-party-mode.
8 - Then the car starts acting up, and guests are forced to return to Paradoxical Pete's.
9 - In Pete's shop, guests disembark their vehicle and exit via the Halloween Store.
.5 - 5 minutes in wait line. Outside animatronics show entertains waiting guests.
.5 - 1 minute vehicle loading time.
.5 - 1 minute inside the auto shop greeting Pete's goofy mechanics.
 2 - 2 minutes traveling through the dark woods.
 3 - 3 minutes traveling through the decorated neighborhood.
.5 - 1 minute sidetracked into the town Cemetery.
.5 - 1 minute meeting the spirits of the McCobb brothers.
 1 - 1 minute singing along with "The Ghosts of Halloween."
 2 - 2 minutes cruising the downtown.
.5 - 1 minute unloading the ride vehicle.3

11 - 18 minutes to cycle each guest .


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Wheelchair  Access