Here's a truly magnificent ride filled with colorful sets and original characters that's designed to dazzle and entertain guests of all ages. Read all about this exceptional ride by downloading the Descriptor Document (below). Two full color, 30" x 20" Floor Plans illustrate every "Action Event" that occurs along the ride path, from beginning to its climactic ending, and of course this ride has its own Music Soundtrack too.

Staging Area 1:
Action Events 1 & 2 - "The Lagoon" a feast for the eyes, which includes a pristine water show that mixes Animatronic characters with live actors (weather permitting). Guests make an easy climb up a suspended gang plank which serves as the outside wait line. Wait line is weather protected by a colorful canvas canopy.

Staging Area 2:
Action Events 4 & 5 - The vehicle loading dock.  Guests meet a few crew members and Cap'n Bart , who give the new recruits the once over before considering them as new crew members. Then they board the ride vehicles.

Staging Area 3:
Action Events 6 thru 20 - Constitutes the ride. Guests attend the "sign up process" as the new recruits sing "Be A Pirate." Action continues from that point forward.

Staging Area 4:
Guests exit the ride through "Buccaneer's Mercantile.", a pirate themed retail store.

02 - 10 minutes in wait line, includes lagoon show (Staging Area 1).
02 - 05 minutes on loading dock, boarding ride vehicles (Staging Area 2).
10 - 10 minutes on the actual ride (Staging Area 3).
02 - 10 minutes in "A Pirate's Life..." satellite store (Staging Area 4).

16 - 35 minutes to process each guest - per cycle.
Time on ride is static, and predetermined according to "action events."

Please allow time to download this 60mb document


1 of 2 - Entrance, To Second Floor
2 of 2 - Exit, Through First Floor


Wheelchair Access