In Memoriam...
In the early Twentieth Century the New York World's Fair exposed millions of visitors to many new varieties of "fast-foods".  The Hot Dog was invented, and the Ice Cream Cone as a new way to serve this confectionery delight... And, a young German Immigrant, M.S.. Ellie Phunt borrowed three hundred dollars from her uncle Allen, and set up a sandwich shoppe that catered to people who wanted a hearty home made sandwich.  Ellie earned a fortune selling her tasty sandwiches along with homemade soups, and the new sensation at that time... Coca-Cola, and as a result, she quickly established herself as one of the fast rising entrepreneurs on the East Coast.

Within the first year Ellie had three locations, and she was destined to grow her business well beyond the State of New York when tragedy struck. First her brother [who was planning to join her in business] was drafted into the armed forces, and subsequently killed in world war 1.  Then a year later Ellie was traveling to Florida on business, when she was killed on the famous crash of the "Old 76" steam locomotive just south of Washington D.C..

Losing both children so close together... came as quite a shock to Ellie's elderly parents, and although they tried... they were ill equipped to carry on her thriving business.  Ultimately within a year the business was forced to close.

However, Ellie's spirit and innovative ability to market herself was not lost on Denny Magic Studios, and it is with that spirit that we resurrect the memory of Ellie by attempting to bring back her enthusiasm and spirit, by reformulating her original ideas and recipes, and offering them to our clients as a possible companion product to our "1906 Cable Car Escapade" dark-ride.  What better combination, than to pair up this eatery with this exciting ride that also carries the same early American theming.

As A Stand-Alone Concession...
This eatery takes up a small footprint on your property, and can be staffed by two cast members during the busiest hours. It can also be erected without the need to purchase our "1906 Cable Car Escapade" ride, and will even fit in nicely with the "Paris Valley- Quick Start Package" where the theming is virtually identical.

Give our office a call to discuss the possibility of adding this eatery to your entertainment facilities!