he Clown Club is a miniature cartoon style railroad engine pulling a miniature box car (which opens to reveal a display of toys for sale) and a cute miniature caboose (this train is scaled down to miniature size, and fabricated from a metal framework that is covered with a Fiberglas' body).

his sales display is manned by a cast member (staff) who is dressed in a clown's costume with a "hat style mask", which gives the appearance that your staff member is in clown makeup.

he little train is driven to the sales spot by a cast member, and plugged into an outdoor electrical outlet.  It is self contained to hold appropriate merchandise in the center car. Helium, balloons and other sales related items are stored in the caboose.

ccasionally the little engine belches a cloud of steam from the smokestack, and can even emit hoots and whistles from a pre-recorded CD to draw attention to itself. This makes the setup more comical. The train cars positioned in a half-circle, provide some security to help prevent theft.


Each balloon sold comes with a decorative ribbon, and a commemorative "Clown Coin". The coin serves two purposes...

1 - Weighs the helium balloon down so kids won't lose them.

2 - I t's a "collector's item", which encourages kids to collect the entire set.


ach coin depicts a popular clown from the past on one side, with the clown's history on the reverse.

hen kids buy their first balloon, they become members of "The Clown Club", which involves some pomp and circumstance between that youngster and the clown on duty. The kids receive a big hug plus a colorful Clown Club Button that the Cast Member hands off to the parents.

large colored poster signifying the child as an official member of The Clown Club can be added as a give-away item of "goodwill". In addition each child can be awarded a dated membership bracelet that qualifies them for discounts on select merchandise in the park, for that same day.

Clown Club Steam Train - Sales Cart
(NOTE:  This panoramic drawing is a 15 mb download)