Here's a cleverly themed sandwich concession, which includes a Comical Chef Character that you can use in your advertising and marketing, as you promote the product. Our package allows you to cash in on Chef Eiffel's branded merchandise, which can be sold right along side this "unique" item.

Every entertainment facility can use a great "Submarine Sandwich Shop" that serves up Cold Delicatessen Sandwiches. What sells our particular concept is the proprietary elements that we have assembled beginning with the clever name, the funny character... "Chef Eiffel", and the inventive way we propose that your staff builds each"Towering Torpedo" (the sandwiches). It boils down to our unique 'presentation'.

Unlike *Taco Bell who keeps re-inventing itself, by coming up with clever ways to package the same ingredients using different names; we readily admit, that what we are selling here are standard cold delicatessen sandwiches with a bag of chips, and a cold drink.

Yes. These are typical ham, or turkey, or roast beef sandwiches, served 'in' a French Roll with all the accouterments (lettuce, onions, pickle, and a hot pepper).

The difference with our product's presentation?

Notice we used the term 'in' instead of 'on'?

Although our proprietary Torpedoes are served with the same ingredients, those ingredients are packaged 'inside' (hollowed out) 1/2 loaves of Sour Dough French Bread. This is accomplished by cutting a full size loaf of sour dough french bread in half, then drilling out the center with a special auger system that we supply, which removes the soft-white centers, and then by using a special "Loading Tool" that we've designed that we call the "Torpedo Maker"... the ingredients are rolled like a burrito on the prep-table, and then inserted inside the hollowed out 1/2 loaf. A triangle shaped piece of waxed paper it wrapped around the base of the sandwich, and twisted closed at the bottom with a napkin inside.

What each customer receives is a hearty meal in a "No-Mess-Container" that they can eat.

When you couple this unique sandwich presentation with the branding of our special character driven merchandise, such as special souvenir drink cups that sport the image of Chef Eiffel, or other suitably decorated items such as Baseball Caps and T-Shirts... You suddenly have a revenue generator that can help drive food sales into the stratosphere. To take a look at our proprietary tool, the "Torpedo Maker" download the Descriptor Document, which provides all the details of this innovative money maker.

* Taco Bell is a Mexican Fast Food Restaurant (franchised) with locations throughout the United States, and other parts of the world.

Torpedo Maker

Click here to download 16 mb - 30" x 20" drawing