Stumpy says...

"Landlubbers that be brave enough to take a ride on Gulf Coast Buccaneers will exit through a store called "The Buccaneer's Mercantile". There those same bilge rats can purchase all manner of things related to Pirates & Buccaneers."

The Story of Robert Isiah Petticor:
Robert Isiah Petticor was born in Ipswitch England to struggling parents who worked as domestic servants for the Royal family in London.  For most of Robert's life he understood that he was a financial burden on his parents, and as soon as he was old enough he signed-on to a British Frigate and set sail for the British colonies in the Caribbean.

Life was tough for a young fellow on board a ship with seasoned sailors, and he figured out how to survive by working overtime to make friends and confidants among the crew.  When he arrived in Port Royal... he was immediately assigned to a brigade that was saddled with the responsibility of defending Port Royal from Pirates.

During his first skirmish he was nearly run through by a monster of a man, who in his haste... Left Robert for dead. After several weeks of recovery, he had had enough of military life, and when the next suspicious Pirate vessel sailed into Port Royal, he immediately deserted his post and signed on with the motley crew.

For nearly ten years Robert participated in every foul deed that Pirates are noted for, and because he was always the last man to leave after every raid... it finally became apparent to the crew that he was rummaging and collecting all the valuables that the crew would routinely overlook.
Later, on lazy days... He walked the deck with a bucket... selling off his trinkets, and for this he earned the nickname "Bucket Bob".

Bucket Bob not only bilked his fellow crewmen for anything he could get of value, but soon he was walking the decks of other Pirate vessels whenever his own ship was in port.  Over time not only did his nickname stick, but he was also gathering quite a reputation as the 'guy you went to, when you wanted something'.

When Bucket Bob had a sufficient stash of cash saved up, he finally left the Pirate life, during a stop in New Orleans... And from there he setup a new store called "The Buccaneer's Mercantile" just up the coast at Gulport, Louisiana.

He reasoned that so many Pirates had come to know and trust Bucket Bob, that they would travel the few miles to visit and patronize his little store. The French were busy trying to expand their territories and they had little interest in Bucket Bob or his store, with the exception that many French traders supplied quite a bit of the classy merchandise that Bucket Bob's store always seemed to have on hand.

Then as a brilliant marketing ploy... Bucket Bob hired a number of females from the local population of Cajun women, and always kept a generous supply of the best rums in the region, so he could entertain his patrons. The added attractions made "The Buccaneer's Mercantile "Thee place to shop for any well respected Buccaneer."

Robert Isiah Petticor had finally found his calling in life.

Stocking your version of The Buccaneers Mercantile:
Inside your retail operation; thar be treasure maps, pirate chests, and an assortment of skulls and cross bones to ward off evil doers and naysayers... And all your merchandise will be heavily salted with gold doubloons and a healthy assortment of pirate booty.  Everything from Pirate Jig Saw Puzzles, to Pirate DVDs, and Pirate Music CDs, plus the usual Character T-Shirts from the "Gulf Coast Buccaneers" ride and even merchandise with Bucket Bob's likeness on it!  

There will be an assortment of clothing items to keep all your Pirate guests looking their best too.  This store will also feature in-store photo opportunities, and pirate themed arcade games, and if you investigate the "Pirate Coin" marketing idea... you'll discover a way to keep guests coming back over and over again..

For safety reasons, guests will pick up their replica sword and pistol purchases, at the front gate... when they leave your park.
















    Background Music: "Sword Play"
Composer: Albert Alvarez