Perhaps, your friendly
staff can lend a hand ?

Guests who take a ride on "The Ghosts of Halloween" will exit the ride through
a themed satellite store called,
"The Black Cauldron".

This store will sell everything related to Halloween. Any merchandise deemed unacceptable for children... (too scary)
will instead be sold in the "Ghoulish
Pleasures" satellite store adjacent to
the "Vampire's Castle" ride.

The Black Cauldron will stock light
hearted Halloween merchandise that
will appeal to the entire family,
including small children.
Store merchandise might include
Halloween costumes, rubber masks,
make-up kits, and other items that
are relatively tame for impressionable children.

This store will also sell light-hearted
Halloween accessories and decorations,
and will certainly feature in-store photo opportunities, and Halloween style
arcade games.