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You'll find what you're looking for at...    

Guests who take a ride on "Calvin Carney's Spectacular Sideshow" will exit the ride through the Big Top Circus Store. This store
will sell T-Shirts, hats, coffee mugs, a Calvin Carney
costume & his props... guests will also be able to
purchase figurines that represent all the circus
performers from the ride

This merchandise also includes items for
our most lovable character...


This store will sell things related to the circus such as, books and DVDs as well as balloon kits for making balloon animals. Clown costumes wigs and make-up, masks, squeeze horns & squirt flowers, clown shoes & parasols, unicycles & peddle cars, juggling supplies and various clown and circus related props, clown figurines and figurines of all the performers from the ride, as well as miniature circus tents for backyard fun or family camping.

There will be an assortment of clown and circus related rubber masks, , Lion Tamer costumes, Ring Master costumes, plus an assortment of Big Top jigsaw puzzles, vintage Circus Posters, and home style cotton candy and popcorn machines to round out the inventory.

We also have ideas for in-store photo opportunities, and electronic arcade style games that relate directly to the ride, and/or... the circus in general.
And let's not forget... That this is yet another opportunity where  Clown Club  merchandise can be added to enhance your merchandise line-up.