The adventure begins when guests enter the faux
jungle. Off in the distance they see the tip of an
ancient Aztec Temple protruding skyway above
the canopy.

They follow the jungle trail, which leads them
into an elaborate cave system where they are
treated to tantalizing views of Aztec artifacts,
all hand crafted from solid gold. They are
tempted to fill their pockets until they see a
commotion ahead. Another tribe has arrived to
abduct locals as hostage. Soon the villains
are eyeing guests, and riders are encouraged
to board dugouts to escape.

Off they go through the ominous jungle...
where they come upon an assortment of
perilous obstacles... Finally
they see the
Aztec Pyramid, and soon they find
themselves climbing up to the top
where they are shocked to find
that they have interrupted a
ritual blood sacrifice.

Are they next?






Wheelchair Access


Concept Artwork at top of page by Ben Lovejoy of San Luis Obispo, California.
3D character art "High-Priest" by Lisa Gibbs-Franklin of Orlando Florida.
Aztec High-Priest cartoon by unknown artist.