• Story Concept:  Denny Magic

Indoor show, High-Energy, 20 - 30 minute patriotic Musical & Dance Review... designed for the whole family. This show features an emphasis on early immigrates who worked hard to become successful entrepreneurs... living the American Dream.

Staging area one is a photo gallery, which highlights many recognizable immigrants who became famous as they made America their home.  The gallery will include poignant photographs that captured America's history from our country's happiest of times, to our most sad moments.

Staging area two is a small intimate theatre which will seat 100 - 200 people, that will provide each audience member with an up close and personal experience. Performers will occasionally interact with audience members to involve them in the show superficially.

Performances may vary slightly from show to show, to accommodate any personnel changes that might occur, or... scheduling conflicts. However, the show will run approximately twenty to thirty minutes.

- Indoor show, 100% climate control environment.
- 1st staging area is (full access) photo gallery of American history.
- Inside theatre (restrictive access) provides 20 - 30 minute live musical/dance review.

      10 - 15 minutes in photo gallery - Show every 40 minutes.
      20 - 30 minute stage show

      30 - 45 minutes maximum for this attraction.
This project is in development...
This project is in development...
This project is in development...

"Set Designs" currently in development ...

Concept Art at top of page by Denny Magic - San Jose, California.