It's a bright sunny day in San Francisco, in 1906... You're riding the city's illustrious cable car, taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells of The Barbary Coast... when suddenly the earth moves.  This ride provides a look at old San Francisco, and allows riders to experience the Great Quake of 1906.

Riders will meet historical characters such as Sally Stanford,
who went from being a Madame for a house of ill repute to
The Mayor of San Francisco... and, Emperor Norton one of
the city's most eccentric characters.  They'll also see
some of the city's great locations, recreated from
historically accurate photographs of that era.

Once the shaking begins, the roller coaster aspect of this ride takes over as the runaway cable car plummets down California Street and finally comes to a rest at the historic turn-around.

Ride vehicles will safely transport up to ten riders on benches on each side of each cable car (20 in total - per ride vehicle) a secured 'inside seating area' will remain closed and provide space for an animated Animatronic show of victorian dressed riders and a frustrated brakeman who is frantically attempting to regain control of the Cable Car.

There's plenty of action as the cable car's bell rings like crazy, by the brakeman alerting people to get out of the way, couple this with the sound of friction breaks squeal against the car's sunken cable - as it plummets down San Francisco's steepest hills, and you have quite an adventure ahead of you.

Emperor Norton was such an eccentric fellow that he
declared himself the Ruler of California. Despite the fact
that he had no source of income, local hotels and restaurants
provided him with food and lodging for FREE, in exchange for
"Emperor Norton Dollars"...  which he had printed to pay bills.

Hotels and restaurants reasoned that he was such a character,
that having him at their establishment would bring in more customers.

- Outside serpentine wait line, under "faux - Fisherman's Wharf" (weather protected).
- Vehicle loading at dock marks start of ride.
- Ride exits through "San Francisco Themed" satellite store.

    05  - 10 minutes in wait line.
    15  - 15 minute Ride Time .
    05  - 15 minutes inside satellite store.

    25 - 40 minutes to process each guest - per cycle.

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